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This page is the archive for Epilogue, an interactive work of art that is part of christophermichaelsullivan's Valuate series. Valuate comments on indulgence, value and identity with a series of credit card sculptures and mock credit card advertisements. Each time a gallery exhibits Valuate, viewers will be invited to participate in the creative process by altering a projected card on the wall. Viewers will be prompted to take pictures of themselves and text or email them to an address posted on the wall. The image will instantly be assigned a random valid word from our database and made into an image of a credit card. This card will be projected in the gallery for viewers to see, but also saved on this archive for people to visit.

Currently the project is in beta testing. To make your own card please email any picture to, or fill out the form on this page. Once all 4,035 valid words are assigned, submissions will be closed until the next exhibition.

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How To Participate

Use the form above or send a photo to one of the addresses listed below and three things will happen:

  1. You'll be assigned a mock credit card with your photo as the background image.
  2. We'll display your mock credit card in the gallery that is currently exhibiting this project.
  3. Your card will be archived here on this web site.

Active Email Addresses:

    • 3809 words remain (get yours while they last)
    • Note: images emailed to this address will be shown only in our online gallery

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Mock Credit Card?

mock credit card

The credit cards displayed in this art project are definitely not real credit cards, and thus, the credit card numbers are not real either. Every credit card in this art project represents an 8-letter word in the English language. That 8-letter word is converted to a 16 digit credit card number like so: a = 01, b = 02, c = 03, etc. The 16 digit number is validated through the Luhn check sum method, the same method that is used to validate Visa credit cards. Only 8-letter words that meet Luhn's standards are used in this project. We started with a dictionary that contains over 40,000 8-letter words, and wrote a computer program that determined which of those words are valid. We ended up with a library of 4,035 words.

When you send an image to this website, you'll be assigned an 8-letter word at random from our library, and the word's corresponding 16-digit number. We build your unique, mock credit card using the image you send and the 16 digit number.

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